Abstract Submissions for omega18

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Analysis of Trends in Direct-Drive Cryogenic Experiments on OMEGA using Reconstruction of the Implosion Core, and Extrapolation to National Ignition Facility EnergyA. Bose, R. Betti, D. Mangino, K. M. Woo, D. Patel, A. R. Christopherson, V. Gopalaswamy, O. Mannion, S. P. Regan, V. N. Goncharov, D. H. Edgell, C. J. Forrest, J. A. Frenje, M. Gatu Johnson, ...Oral08-Mar-2018 13:54:46
Analysis of Trends in Direct-Drive Cryogenic Experiments on OMEGA using Reconstruction of the Implosion Core, and Extrapolation to National Ignition Facility EnergyA. Bose, R. Betti, D. Mangino, K. M. Woo, D. Patel, A. R. Christopherson, V. Gopalaswamy, O. Mannion, S. P. Regan, V. N. Goncharov, D. H. Edgell, C. J. Forrest, J. A. Frenje, M. Gatu Johnson,...Poster08-Mar-2018 13:57:02
Shock-driven discrete vortex evolution on a high-Atwood number oblique interfaceA.M. Rasmus, C.A. Di Stefano, K.A. Flippo, F.W. Doss, J.L. Kline, J.D. Hager, E.C. Merritt, T.R. Desjardins, W.C. Wan, T. Cardenas, D.W. SchmidtPoster22-Mar-2018 18:57:45
FLASH MHD simulations of LMJ experiments that study compressible magnetized turbulence and turbulent dynamoB. Khiar, P. Tzeferacos, A. Casner, L. Chen, A. Bott, S. Feister, A. Rigby, J. Meinecke, A. Zylstra, R.P. Drake, J. Foster, D. Froula, P. Graham, M. Koenig, F. Miniati, B. RevillePoster12-Mar-2018 14:39:05
Development and Demonstration of the xRage Inertial Confinement Fusion Validation SuiteB. M. Wilson, A. KoskeloPoster20-Mar-2018 15:32:21
EBT-XD Radiochromic Film Sensitivity Calibrations Using X-Rays and Proton BeamsB.F.O.F Stockler, A. Grun, G. Brown, M. Klein, R. Ward, C. Freeman, S.J. Padalino, T.C. Sangster, S.P. ReganPoster23-Mar-2018 14:37:33
Understanding the Role of Incidence Angle in Polar Direct DriveBrett Scheiner and Mark Schmitt Poster23-Mar-2018 17:25:34
Potential Experiments to Diagnose Deceleration-Phase Self-Generated Magnetic FieldsC. A. Walsh, J. P. ChittendenPoster13-Mar-2018 11:25:43
Modeling of coupled instability experiments on OMEGA-EPC.A. Di Stefano, A. M. Rasmus, F. W. Doss, K. A. Flippo, P. A. Bradley, J. L. KlinePoster26-Mar-2018 13:37:04
Assessment of gradient effects on soft x-ray spectral measurements on the Z MachineD. K. Dunkum, C. B. Beatty, T.S. Lane, P.M. Kozlowski, G.P. Loisel, T. E. Steinberger, J. E. Bailey, G. A. Rochau, M.E. KoepkePoster23-Mar-2018 12:55:50
Mineralogy at Super-Earth interior conditions: Phase transitions in SiO2 analogues under ramp compressionDonghoon Kim, June K. Wicks, Raymond F. Smith, Thomas S. DuffyPoster22-Mar-2018 22:55:28
Using Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy to Characterize Targets for MTWG.M. Brown, B.F.O.F. Stockler, R.J. Ward, C.G. Freeman, S.J. Padalino, C.R. Stillman, S. Ivancic, S.P. Regan, T.C. SangsterPoster23-Mar-2018 12:59:14
A Preliminary Experimental Design for Observing Photoionization Fronts on the Omega-60 LaserH. J. LeFevre, W. J. Grey, J. S. Davis, P. A. Keiter, R. P. DrakePoster23-Mar-2018 11:38:46
First measurements of strong collisional plasma shock formationH.G. Rinderknecht, H.-S. Park, J.S. Ross, P.A. Amendt, D.P. Higginson, S.C. Wilks, D. Haberberger, J. Katz, D.H. Froula, N.M. Hoffman, G. Kagan, B.D. Keenan, E.L. VoldPoster03-Apr-2018 15:59:18
SPECT3D, Imaging and Spectral Analysis Package I. E. Golovkin, J. J. MacFarlanePoster05-Mar-2018 16:23:50
Measuring across shock fronts using the Imaging Thomson Scattering diagnosticJ. Levesque, C. Kuranz, R. Young, M. Manuel, P. Hartigan, A. Liao, S. Klein, M. Trantham, G. Fiksel, J. KatzPoster23-Mar-2018 12:18:01
VISRAD, 3-D Target Design and Radiation Simulation CodeJ. Sebald, J. MacFarlane, I. GolovkinPoster06-Mar-2018 09:43:08
Accelerating CR-39 Track Detector Processing by Utilizing UVJ. Sparling, S. Padalino, J. McLean, C. Sangster, S. ReganPoster18-Mar-2018 23:30:39
A Phoswich Detector System to Measure Sub-Second Half-Lives using ICF ReactionsKATELYN COOK, MICAH COATS, MARK YULY, Houghton College, STEPHEN PADALINO, State University of New York at Geneseo, CRAIG SANGSTER, SEAN REGAN, Laboratory for Laser EnergeticsPoster12-Mar-2018 16:01:02
Experiments of the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in the Highly Nonlinear Stage and Dependence on Atwood NumberL. Elgin, T. Handy, G. Malamud, C.M Huntington, S.R. Klein, M.R. Trantham, C.C. Kuranz, R.P. Drake, A. Shimony, D. ShvartsPoster21-Mar-2018 16:55:10
The shock response of energetic materials undergoing reactionM. C. Gregor, A. Fernandez Panella, J. H. Eggert, T. Myers, T. Bunt, and L. Leininger Poster22-Mar-2018 21:09:29
Physics advantages of Revolver direct-drive ignition targets including recent Omega validation experimental resultsMark J. Schmitt, Kim Molvig, N. S. Krasheninnikova, S. Hsu, B. Scheiner, V. Geppert-Kleinrath, D. Schmidt, P. McKenty, T. Michel, D. Edgell, F. Marshall, R. Betti, E. M. Campbell, H. HuangOral26-Mar-2018 12:15:54
Boltzmann plot techniques for inferring electron temperature of HED plasmaP. M. Kozlowski, T. S. Lane, M. E. KoepkePoster23-Mar-2018 00:02:18
Turbulent Dynamo Amplification of Magnetic Fields in Laser-Produced Plasmas: Simulations and ExperimentsP. Tzeferacos et al.Poster12-Mar-2018 13:51:00
Equation of State Measurements of Shocked Carbon Foam Using Imaging X-Ray Thomson ScatteringP. X. Belancourt, W. Theobald, P. A. Keiter, S. Hu, S. P. Regan, R. P. DrakePoster23-Mar-2018 16:18:49
Determining Light Decay Curves in a Plastic Scintillator using Cosmic Ray MuonsPraveen Wakwella, Sarah Mandanas, John Wilson, Stephen PadalinoPoster20-Mar-2018 13:06:15
Observation of Stagnation in Counter-Streaming Laser-Created Plasmas with Optical Thomson ScatteringR. P. Young, C. C. Kuranz, R. P. Drake, D. Froula, J. S. Ross, S. KleinPoster23-Mar-2018 10:53:37
Experiments to understand the interaction of stellar radiation with molecular cloudsRobert VanDervort, J. Davis, M. Trantham, S. Klein, P. A. Keiter, R. P. DrakePoster22-Mar-2018 19:25:23
Scaling a Galactic Cold Stream to an Omega EP Laboratory ExperimentS.X. Coffing, A. Angulo, M.R. Trantham, G. Malamud, C.C. Kuranz, R. P. DrakePoster26-Mar-2018 15:27:43
Characterizing ICF Neutron Diagnostics on the nTOF line at SUNY GeneseoStephen Padalino, Hannah Visca, Louis Caves, Kevin Palmisano, Corey Wilkinson, Hannah McClow, Chad Forrest, Joe Katz, Sean Regan, Craig SangsterPoster19-Mar-2018 12:14:22
MULTI-ELEMENT STARK BROADENING FOR DIAGNOSING ELECTRON DENSITY IN HED PLASMAST.S. Lane, P.M. Kozlowski, M.K. Flaugh, M.E. Koepke, G. P. Loisel, T. Nagayama, J. E. Bailey, G. Rochau Poster23-Mar-2018 12:02:03
Enhancements to the Low Energy Ion Facility at SUNY GeneseoZachariah Barfield, Ethan Nagasing, Steven Kostick, Kurt Fletcher, Steven PadalinoPoster19-Mar-2018 16:10:44
awdawdOral18-Dec-2017 20:08:10