Abstract Submissions for omega19

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Measurements of stimulated Raman scattering and a proposed mitigation strategy using external magnetic fields on the Titan laser systemA. Higginson, M. Bailly-Grandvaux, C. McGuffey, K. Bhutwala, B. Edghill, J. Strehlow, M. Dozieres, B.J. Winjum, F.S. Tsung, S. Andrews, J. Park, M.J.-E Manuel, F. Albert, N. Lemos, M.-S. Wei, F.N. BegPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Variable High-Order Shock Capturing with GP-WENO in the FLASH CodeA. Reyes, D. Lee, C. Graziani, P. TzeferacosPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Particle Acceleration in Magnetic Reconnection Using Laser-Powered Capacitor CoilsAbraham Chien (PPPL), Lan Gao (PPPL), Hantao Ji (PPPL), Gennady Fiksel (U. Michigan), Eric Blackman (U. Rochester), Quanming Lu (University of Science and Technology of China)Poster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Extending the non-ideal MHD capabilities of the FLASH codeB. Khiar, K. Weide, D.Q. Lamb, P. TzeferacosPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Using the BIE to study Rayleigh-Taylor growth rates in laser-driven implosionsC. F. Kawaguchi, B. Tobias, S. Palaniyappan, J. P. Sauppe, K. A. Flippo, C. C. KuranzPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Turbulent Transport in Magnetized HED PlasmasD.B. Schaeffer, W. Fox, G. Fiksel, A. Bhattacharjee, A. Spitkovsky, and P. KnappPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Multi-stage simulations of electron transport dynamics in magnetized, imploded cylindrical plasmaDaiki Kawahito, Mathieu Bailly-Grandvaux, Maylis Dozi??res, Christopher McGuffey, Shu Zhang, Javier J. Honrubia, Benjamin Khiar, Kazuki Matsuo, Shinsuke Fujioka, Farhat N. BegPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Dynamic Compression of SiC at OmegaDonghoon Kim, June K. Wicks, Raymond F. Smith and Thomas S. DuffyPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Synchronizing Data Acquisition Between Multiple Detectors For High-Repetition-Rate Proton Acceleration ExperimentsElliot C. Brown, Maximilian Seligman, John T. Morrison, Kevin M. George, W. Melvyn Roquemore, Scott FeisterPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
SPECT3D, Imaging and Spectral Analysis Package I. E. Golovkin, J. J. MacFarlanePoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Studying Magnetic-Pressure-Driven Bow Shocks on OMEGAJ. M. Levesque, C. C. Kuranz, R. P. Young, A. S. Liao, P. Hartigan, W. Gray, M. Manuel, M. Trantham, S. Klein, G. Fiksel, C. K. Li, A. Birkel, J. Katz, P. TzeferacosPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
VISRAD, 3-D Target Design and Radiation Simulation CodeJames Sebald, Joseph MacFarlane, Igor GolovkinPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Measuring Low Energy Nuclear Cross Sections using ICFK. Cook, E. Bruce, S. Hull, M. Yuly, S. Padalino, C.Sangster, S. ReganPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Proton Radiography Utilizing MCNPKwyntero Kelso, Kirk Flippo, Yingchao Lu, Kevin Meaney, Andy Liao, Shengtai Li, Colin Wilburn, Hui Li, Codie Fiedler Kawaguchi, Jordon LaunePoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Drop Tower Glasses Versus Hoppe GlassesL. Aghaian, C.M. Shuldberg, and M.L. Hoppe Poster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Relativistic electron beam transport through cold and shock-heated vitreous and diamond carbon samplesM. Bailly-Grandvaux, C. M. Krauland, J. Kim, M. S. Wei, P. E. Grabowski, S. Zhang, J.-J. Santos, P. Nicola??, W. Theobald, P. Forestier-Colleoni and F.N. BegPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Exploring Chemical Reaction and the Equation of State of Energetic Materials at High-Energy-Density ConditionsM. C. Marshall, A. Fernandez-Panella, M. G. Gorman, T. Myers, D. Erskine, T. Bunt, L. Lauderbach, J. H. Eggert, and L. D. Leininger Poster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Characterization using X-ray emission spectroscopy of an imploding cylindrical plasma platform for electron transport experimentsM. Dozi??res, P. Forestier-Colleoni, C. McGuffey, D. Kawahito, M. Bailly-Grandvaux, S. Zhang, K. Bhutwala, S. Hansen, M. S. Wei, C. Krauland, P. Gourdain, J. R. Davies, J. Peebles, K. MaPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Solid Cherenkov Detector for Studying Nucleosynthesis in ICFM. P. Springstead, A. B. Zylstra, Y. H. Kim, K. D. Meaney, H. Geppert-Kleinrath, A. Leatherland, L. Wilson, H. W. HerrmannPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Smaller, Faster Data Acquisition in High-Repetition-Rate Laser-Plasma ExperimentsMaximilian Seligman, Elliot C. Brown, John T. Morrison, Kevin M. George, W. Melvyn Roquemore, Scott FeisterPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Plasma instability control for high fluence continuum x-ray sourceP. L. Poole, R. K. Kirkwood, S. C. Wilks, M. May, K. Widman, B. E. BluePoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Charged particle transport in laser-driven magnetized turbulence: An experimental analogue of ultra-high energy cosmic raysP. Tzeferacos et al.Poster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Three-Dimensional Fabrication and Imaging of Fuel Target Structures with Nanoscale Resolutions for Inertial Confinement FusionPeixun Fan, Xi Huang, Ying Liu, Lijia Jiang, Yongfeng Lu, John H. CampbellPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Experiments relevant to understanding the interaction of stellar radiation with molecular cloudsR. VanDervort, J. Davis, M. Trantham, S. Klein, P. A. Keiter, R. P. DrakePoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Diagnosing fuel areal-density asymmetries in cryogenic deuterium-tritium implosions at OMEGA using knock-on deuteron spectra Raspberry SIMPSON, Johan FRENJE, Brandon LAHMANN, Hong SIO, Patrick ADRIAN, Neel KABADI, Graeme SUTCLIFFE, Arijit BOSE, Cody PARKER, Maria GATU-JOHNSON, Chikang LI, Richard PETRASSO, Joe KATZ, Sean REPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Characterizing Photoflash Curves in Scintillators using Cosmic Ray MuonsS. Mandanas, P. Wakwella, H. McClow, M. Signor, E. Vanderbilt, S. Regan, C. Sangster, C. ForrestPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Production of 41Ar To Be Used To Simulate Expanding Atomic Gas Following ICF ImplosionS. Padalino, M. Yuly, K. Palmisano, K. Cook, E. Vanderbilt, G. Brown, M. KleinPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
High-energy-density Targets Fabricated by The University of MichiganS. R. Klein, R. S. Gillespie, C. C. Kuranz, R P. DrakePoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Experimental 3D Measurements of Laser-Produced Biermann Battery Fields and Comparison with FLASH SimulationsScott Feister, Peter V. Heuer, Robert S. Dorst, Derek B. Schaeffer, Carmen G. Constantin, and Christoph NiemannPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13
Wave-Function Amplitude Analysis of the 5He Resonance in the TT Neutron SpectrumZ. L. Mohamed, J. P. Knauer, C. J. Forrest, M. Gatu JohnsonPoster01-Jul-2019 14:05:13