Abstract Submissions for omega17

AbstractBySessionSubmitted On
High Repetition Rate Renewable Plasma Mirrors for Contrast Enhancement of Intense Laser Pulses Based On Liquid Crystal FilmsAnthony Zingale, Patrick Poole, Ginevra Cochran, Chris Willis, Jordan Purcell, Ricky Heery, Douglass SchumacherPoster27-Mar-2017 20:02:23
Measurement of charged particle stopping in Warm Dense Matter Be and Boron Plasmas at OMEGAB. Lahmann, J.A. Frenje, A. Saunders, T. D??ppner, A.B. Zylstra, G.D. Sutcliffe, P.E. Grabowski, S. Glenzer, R. D. PetrassoPoster28-Mar-2017 00:18:11
Using Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy to Characterize Targets for MTWB.F.O.F. Stockler, G.M. Brown, R.J. Ward, C.G. Freeman, S.J. Padalino, SUNY Geneseo C.R. Stillman, S. Ivancic, S.P. Regan, T.C. Sangster, Laboratory for Laser EnergeticsPoster22-Mar-2017 14:57:14
Spatio-Spectral Analysis of Accelerated Protons from Sub-Micron Films on the Scarlet Laser Using Liquid CrystalsC. Willis, P. L. Poole, D. W. Schumacher, R. R. Freeman, and L. Van WoerkomPoster27-Mar-2017 17:48:27
The Magnetic Recoil Spectrometer for time-resolved neutron measurements (MRSt) at the NIFC.E. Parker, J.A. Frenje, T.J. Hilsabeck, C.W. Wink, R. Bionta, D.T. Casey, M. Gatu Johnson, V.Yu. Glebov, J.D. Hares, J.D. Kilkenny, B. Lahmann, C. Sorce, C.K. Li, F. H. S??guin, and R.D. PetrassoPoster27-Mar-2017 11:55:52
Enhanced Laser Plasma Interaction Using Micro-Structured TargetsD. Nasir, J. Snyder, C. Willis, K. M. George, S. Jiang, L. D. Van Woerkom, D. W. SchumacherPoster27-Mar-2017 13:06:23
Reduced Noise UV Enhancement of Etch Rates for Nuclear Tracks in Cr-39David Clarkson, Rubab Ume, Stephen J. Padalino, James G. McLeanPoster24-Feb-2017 14:57:45
Development of a Buried Layer Platform at the OMEGA Laser to Sudy Coronal (nonLTE) PlasmasE.V. Marley, L.C. Jarrott, M. Schneider, G.E. Kemp, M.E. Foord, R.F. Heeter, D.A. Liedahl, K. Widmann, C.W. Mauche, G.V. Brown, J. EmigPoster27-Mar-2017 20:14:11
Layzer-Type Potential Flow Model for Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Cylindrical ImplosionsG. Cearley, K.H. Ma, E. Malka, R. Young, E. Johnsen, D. ShvartsPoster26-Mar-2017 17:14:53
Wavelength and Intensity Dependence of the Standing Wave Mechanism in the Long Wavelength Regime in Producing High Energy Backwards Electron BeamsGregory K. Ngirmang, Chris Orban, Scott Feister, John T. Morrison, Enam A. Chowdhury, and W.M. RoquemorePoster26-Mar-2017 22:43:14
Characterizing Neutron Diagnostics on the nTOF Line at SUNY GeneseoH. Harrison, H. Visca, P. Wakwella, K. Fletcher, S.J. PadalinoPoster24-Feb-2017 14:58:00
Probing kinetic and multi-ion-fluid effects in ICF implosions using DT and D3He reaction histories on OMEGAH. Sio, J. A. Frenje, J. Katz, W. Taitano, T. Kwan, A. Le, C. Stoeckl, M. Gatu Johnson, C. K. Li, and R. D. PetrassoPoster27-Mar-2017 10:31:22
SPECT3D, Imaging and Spectral Analysis PackageI. E. Golovkin, J. J. MacFarlanePoster20-Mar-2017 15:46:01
Studies of Raman Back-scatter from Uniform Plasma at the MTW LaserJ. D. Sadler, D. Haberberger, A. S. Davies, S. Bucht, J. Bromage, R. M. G. M. Trines, L. Ceurvorst, N. Ratan, M. F. Kasim, R. Bingham, P. A. Norreys and D. H. FroulaPoster27-Feb-2017 10:25:17
Evidence of Magnetized Shocks on OMEGA with Imaging Thomson ScatteringJ. Levesque, C. Kuranz, R. Young, M. Manuel, P. Hartigan, A. Liao, S. Klein, M. Thrantham, G. Fiksel, C. LiPoster27-Mar-2017 14:06:17
Radiation-Hydrodynamic Simulations of Pre-Plasma Formation for Liquid TargetsJ. Smith, S. Feister, C. OrbanPoster26-Mar-2017 23:15:29
Opacplot2: enabling tabulated EoS and opacity compatibility for HEDLP simulations with the FLASH codeJ. T. Laune, P. Tzeferacos, S. Feister, M. Fatenejad, R. Yurchack, N. Flocke, K. Weide, D. Q. LambPoster23-Mar-2017 13:56:36
Evolution of Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion (MagLIF) Targets on OMEGA EPJ.A. Fooks, L.C. Carlson, P. Fitzsimmons, E. Giraldez, D.N. Kaczala, M. Wei, N. Alexander, J. Betcher, A. Harvey-ThompsonPoster27-Mar-2017 15:48:16
Measurement of the 6 He Decay Produced by the 9 Be(n,???) 6 He ReactionK. Cook, M. Coats, M. YulyPoster24-Feb-2017 14:54:37
Modeling of LLNL's Au-Sphere Experiments on the OMEGA LaserK.H.Ma, E. Raicher, M. Ben-Dov, Y. Frank, M. Fraenkel, E. Johnsen, R.P. Drake, D. ShvartsPoster25-Mar-2017 13:20:19
Thin liquid sheet target capabilities for ultra-intense laser acceleration of ions at a kHz repetition rateKlim, Adam; Morrison, J. T.; Orban, C.; Feister, S.; Ngirmang, G. K.; Smith, J.; Frische, K.; Peterson, A. C.; Chowdhury, E. A.; Freeman, R. R.; Roquemore, W. M.Poster01-Mar-2017 16:50:42
Advances in the Deployment of Automated and Robot-Assisted Assembly Techniques for Target FabricationL.C. Carlson, N.B. Alexander, K.J. Boehm, K. Clark, E. DelRio, M.P. Farrell, P. Fitzsimmons, L. Gonzalez, D. Kaczala, G. Randall, J. Soong D. DudtPoster27-Mar-2017 17:35:53
Recent Developments in Drop Tower Glass Capsule Fabrication and ProcessingM. Schoff, C. Shuldberg, M.L. Hoppe, A. GreenwoodPoster27-Mar-2017 16:23:14
TNSA Heavy Ion Measurements using the Time-Resolved Tandem Faraday CupM.K. Ginnane, B. Kousar, K. Palmisano, S. Mandanas, S.J. PadalinoPoster24-Feb-2017 14:52:02
Comparison of Volumetric and Planar Backlighter Geometries for X-ray Thomson ScatteringP. M. Kozlowski, S. P. Regan, W. Theobald, C. Stoeckl, B. Yaakobi, G. GregoriPoster24-Mar-2017 13:05:05
Turbulent Dynamo Amplification of Magnetic Fields in Laser-Produced Plasmas: Simulations and ExperimentsP. Tzeferacos, A. Rigby, A. Bott, A. Bell, R. Bingham, A. Casner, F. Cattaneo, E. Churazov, et al.Poster27-Mar-2017 13:39:37
Equation of State Measurements of Warm, Dense CRF Foam Using Imaging X-Ray Thomson SpectrometerP. X. Belancourt, W. Theobald, P. A. Keiter, S. Hu, M. J. Bonino, S. P. Regan, and R. P. DrakePoster27-Mar-2017 21:20:32
Studying Accretion Shocks on the OMEGA LaserR. P. Young, C. C. Kuranz, R. P. Drake, C. K. Li, D. Froula, G. Fiksel, J. S. Ross, P. Hartigan, P.-Y. Chang, S. Klein, A. Zylstra, A. Liao, H. Sio, J. Levesque Poster23-Mar-2017 22:15:08
Experimental design to understand the interaction of stellar radiation with molecular cloudsRobert VanDervort, G. Cearley, J. Davis, K. Ma, R. Young, M. Trantham, S. Klein, E. Johnsen, D. Shvarts, P. A. Keiter, R. P. DrakePoster27-Mar-2017 10:01:49
Bulk Etch Rate and Swell Rate of Cr-39Rubab Ume, David Clarkson, Stephen J. Padalino, James G. McLeanPoster24-Feb-2017 14:54:39
FLASH Simulations of Particle Transport through Magnetic Turbulence at Omega and NIFS. Feister, P. Tzeferacos, J. Meinecke, L. Chen, A. Rigby, A. Bott, N. Flock, C. Graziani, D. Caprioli, K. Weide, ..., A. Schekochihin, D. Froula, H.-S. Park, D. Lamb, and G. GregoriPoster20-Mar-2017 16:45:33
Parametric study of fast electron beam collimation using two consecutive laserS. Malko, X. Vaisseau, F. P??rez, L. Volpe, D. Batani, A. Curcio, M. Ehret, K. Jakubowska, A. Morace, J. J. Santos Poster27-Mar-2017 06:12:05
Fabrication & Evolution of Novel Turbulent Dynamics (TDYNO) Targets for OMEGA ExperimentsS.A. Muller, D.C. Kaczala, H.M. Abu-Shawareb, E.L. Alfonso, L.C. Carlson, P. Fitzsimmons, D. Lamb, P. Tzeferacos, G. Gregori, L. Chen, A. Rigby, T. White, H-S. ParkPoster27-Mar-2017 10:13:35
Modeling of the fast electrons and high energy bremsstrahlung produced from OMEGA EP 1 and 10 ps ultra-intense short pulse laser matter interactionsT. S. Daykin, H. Sawada, Y. Sentoku, C. D. Chen, F. N. Beg, H. Chen, H. S. McLean, P. K. Patel, and R. TommasiniPoster27-Mar-2017 15:29:06
Measurements of vortex merger and growth inhibition in a dual-mode, supersonic Kelvin-Helmholtz instability experimentW.C. Wan, G. Malamud, A. Shimony, M.R. Trantham, S.R. Klein, C.A. Di Stefano, D. Shvarts, R.P. Drake, C.C. KuranzPoster22-Feb-2017 17:49:42
Magnetized jet creation using a hollow ring of laser beamsYingchao Lu, Edison Liang, Lily Han, Lan Gao, Hantao Ji, Chi Kiang Li, Richard Petrasso, Dustin Froula, Russ Follett, Petros Tzeferacos, Don LambPoster27-Mar-2017 01:32:10