Omega Laser Facility Users Group Workshop

26 April–28 April | Rochester, NY


We highly encourage all participants to car pool for the entire workshop.
Please use the East Entrance each day.

(entrance with the rounded glass front, NOT the entrance with the flag pole).

We are pleased to report that we have the maximum number allowed attending the workshop this year. As such, the registration link has been disabled.

PLEASE NOTE: 2016 Agenda is published on the agenda tab to give you a basic idea of last year's workshop.


Dear OLUG Members and Colleagues:

We look forward to your participation in making the 2017 Omega Laser Facility Users Group Workshop a success (see the AGENDA and REGISTRATION tabs). This workshop will explore ways to enhance and extend current research and collaborations at OMEGA as well as to help formulate further improvements to, and novel operating regimes for, the OMEGA facilities. The workshop will be very informal and interactive and students and post-docs, for whom we will do our best to provide substantial support for travel and lodging and registration, are strongly encouraged to attend (see SUBSIDY tab). At the workshop, we especially encourage the presentation of nascent ideas and concepts that are not fully developed, possibly even tentative, but which could stimulate discussion and lively exchange and which could, as well, open novel and exciting vistas of new research (see TITLES tab). Students or first-time users will find this venue ideal for presenting potential experimental topics with the result of obtaining expert opinions and suggestions. In addition we will discuss in the general sessions progress in implementing OLUG Findings and Recommendations as well as formulating new ones.

Foreign Nationals: Please bear in mind that we must have your registration submitted on line by 24 February 2017, else we cannot accommodate your registration. If in doubt, we strongly suggest that you register before that date.

U.S. Citizens: It is equally imperative that you register on line by 27 March 2017. After that date we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your registration due to the limited capacity of the room.

As space limitations at LLE prevent more than 110 people from registering, please consider doing so early on, as we will be forced to close registration once that number is reached. (Because of this issue, last year's registration was closed two weeks before the Workshop began.)

We hope that you, your colleagues, students, advisors, will join us in making this a memorable and enjoyable workshop. Bring your enthusiasm and ideas!


The OLUG Executive Committee

Roberto Mancini, Chair
University of Nevada at Reno

Channing Huntington
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Alexis Casner
James Knauer, Ex Officio
Univ. of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics
Peter Celliers
Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory
Mark Koepke, Vice Chair
West Virginia University
Johan Frenje
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mingsheng Wei
General Atomics
Maria Gatu-Johnson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alex Zylstra
Los Alamos National Laboratory



This OMEGA Users Workshop is made possible in part by the generous support of the National Nuclear Security Administration for travel expenses of students and postdocs; by the Office of Fusion Energy Sciences for support of general workshop costs; by the Fusion Science Center; by the University of Nevada, Reno; and by the Laboratory for Laser Energetics for the use and availability of critical resources and support.

Please contact Jean Steve (585-275-5286) or email Jean Steve if you have any questions.